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The Response

Oct 16, 2023

Summer might be over for us in the Northern Hemisphere — but things are still heating up in the US labor movement. A ground-swell of labor action continues to heave and crack the crust which had been slowly hardening on the surface of the radical fires dormant under neoliberalism.

The latest news in the ongoing strike wave comes out of the United Auto Workers Union, where workers at a number of plants have walked out and are engaging in a historic “stand-up” strike — fighting for better wages and better working conditions.

To talk about the strike, the labor movement more broadly, and the current state of the class war between workers and capital, we’ve brought on Teddy Ostrow, a labor and economics journalist and host of the podcast Upsurge.

In this conversation Teddy talks about what it’s been like out on the UAW picket lines, the revitalization and re-radicalization of the labor movement, where the labor movement in the United States is headed, and much more.


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