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The Response

Oct 12, 2021

Last week we participated in a panel discussion during the Regenerative Communities Summit where we talked about how Crisis can be a Catalyst for Transformation. 

This episode features a recording of the second half of that event. We’ve decided to omit the presentations that were delivered by each panelist, so there are a few times when you’ll hear references to what was presented earlier. If you would like to watch the entire event, you can access the recording by registering for the summit at

The speakers in this episode have been addressing the challenges, crises, and disasters we’re currently facing while finding new and innovative ways to not only respond but to open new opportunities and to use the times we are living in as a way to build better, more resilient communities.

Featured Speakers:

Jul Bystrova, co-founder of the Inner Resilience Network and Director of the Eomega/Era of Care project

John Liu, catalyzed the creation of The Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement which has grown to nearly 50 camps in 6 continents

Elaine Miller-Karas, Co-Founder and Director of Innovation of the Trauma Resource Institute and author of the book, Building Resilience to Trauma: the Trauma and Community Resiliency Models (2015).

Bob Stilger, founder of NewStories and author of the book, “AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin?

Episode credits:

Host and executive producer: Tom Llewellyn

Series producer: Robert Raymond

Theme Music: “Meet you on the other side” by Cultivate Beats

The Response from, is a documentary film, book, and podcast series exploring how communities are building collective resilience in the wake of disasters.

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